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Alright guys. So I run this site called A Year In Reviews. We review things, and we’re branching out into doing other things. Like more features, interviews, cool stuff like that. In a little less than two weeks, we’re going to be interviewing Such Gold for our site, so as a celebration/promotion of sorts, i’m giving this stuff away. For free, of course.

The only rules are the following:

You MUST reblog (likes will not count)

You can reblog as many times as possible.

So now onto the specifics of what i’m giving away. As far as the shirts go:

  • Four Year Strong Tank Top - Small - American Apparel
  • The Wonder Years Suburbia Shirt - Medium - Alstyle
  • Such Gold Skull Shirt - Medium - Gildan
  • Man Overboard Defend Pop Punk Shirt - Medium - Gildan
  • New Found Glory (Pop Punks Not Dead on back) - Medium - Tulex

Now onto the other things:

  • Autographed NFG poster from the Music Saves Lives bus at Warped
  • Autographed TWY lyric booklet from Suburbia
  • TWY Blue Sunglasses
  • Such Gold/AL4W Maroon Split 7” (I got it on their tour with Comeback Kid in Spring of 2012, so i’m not sure on the pressing information) ALSO. For this, as I said earlier, I’m interviewing Such Gold in a couple weeks. So this WILL BE SIGNED BY THE BAND.
  • 5 Real Friends Stickers
  • 2 Hundredth Stickers
  • 2 No Sleep Stickers
  • 2 State Champs Stickers
  • 2 Major League Stickers
  • An Overcast Design Sticker

Alright. So that’s everything. Again, just make sure you reblog this and not just like it. I will use a random number/name generator (Yes, I actually will) once it’s done. I will probably close it sometime during the week after I get the vinyl signed by Such Gold (which will be about 2 weeks). It would be awesome if you guys would check out my site (linked above) or like us on Facebook.


Enter this for our site please, thanks.

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